The Man Who Inspired Me To Make Great Wristwatches………..

The greatest man I ever knew was my grandfather Edward Perry Martin. I learned from him passion and dedication. Making the most of every moment and overcoming every challenge life throws at you. He always told me that as crew chief during WWII with the Mighty 8th how he felt he was right there on the plane for every mission… and this is why he was so committed to achieving perfection on his aircraft.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning like the one my grandfather flew in WW2
Lockheed P-38 Lightning like the one my grandfather flew in WW2

He could go through his yearbook and tell me what happened to almost every pilot in their squadron. Post WWII, he continued his service to his nation and the U.S. Air Force flying missions on the KC-135 aircraft providing radar tracking for early NASA spacecrafts including the Apollo program landing the first man on the moon. He made the most of every second and was ready for the next adventure.
In many ways, I feel like my grandfather when I approach design challenges albeit with a lot less at stake. His character, passion and drive have always been a source of great inspiration for me. It is something I draw from whenever I take on a new challenge from creating new products that connect with consumers on a deeper level or pushing the physical and mental limits in adventure racing. Or, in this case, building a brand that is inspired from a simple man that served his country with pride. A man that meant the world to me. You can see the model of aircraft that he flew at the Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum 

Although I no longer make the watches that he was the inspiration for, you can still find some of them on Ebay. You can even read reviews of these wristwatches at